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Introduction of Telford Corporation

Telford was incorporated in Year 2006. Telford Engineering first started its construction business in the infrastructure works of oleo-chemical and petro-chemical plants in the state of Johor, Malaysia. After the construction and completion of the corporate office, the company saw the potentials in the architectural and design works.
The birth of the first spin-off company in 2009, Telford Signature then marked the beginning of the interior design works and premium residential building construction works. The market response was overwhelming and soon, Telford Signature grows into one which now houses own designers and associates and ventures into providing the professional “design and build” solutions to the industry.
In 2014, Telford subsequently saw the potentials in the renovation market and started its third spin-off company namely the Telford Prestige, which specialised in providing the bespoke interior design and customised service for in the areas of renovation and improvement works. In 2015, Telford started its arm in manufacturing the carpentry and cabinetry works under the fourth company namely the Telford Infinity. As soon as Telford saw stability in the new spin-offs within the 2 years’ period, in 2016, Telford ventured into the areas of providing Security & Surveillance solutions and the production Virtual Reality under two separate new entities namely the Telford Pentagon and Telford Rim.
Today, Telford provides a more comprehensive solution to the end-users, in-lieu with the vision to effectively integrate the arts of engineering and the science of architecture.

Vision, Mission, Core value for Telford Corporation


  • To be a leading company in the region, delivering exponential growth & sustainable values to all stakeholders.
  • We are committed to continuous learning among our people and keep up with the relevant international standard in our practice
  • We choose growing industries to expand our existing business portfolios
  • We subscribe to manage and measure our sustainability performance continuously

Core Values

  • To develop long lasting customer relationship through utmost customer delight.

  • To build high quality Industrial buildings which are not only aesthetically sound, but also sustainable and energy efficient.

  • To continuously maintain our company working environment that is always friendly, close-knitted, happy, having lots of freedom to creativity that ultimately transmit these pleasures to our clients.

  • To attract highly qualified individuals to boost our growing team of producers.
Building Values for
the Future
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