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Our People

Message from 3 Directors

Mr. Kenji Kong Weng Keat
“Competitions surface not only from our own industry, but also from others whom we may often be unaware of. We ought to preserve our values, spirits and attitude and not to lose our navigation amidst the crowds.”

-Mr. Kong Weng Keong

Mr. Kong Weng Keong
“What we are comfortably doing today could become obsolete in near future, always seek out for new opportunities with arms wide open. Stay vigilant, you will never know how the world will evolve when you open your eyes tomorrow morning.”

-Mr. Lee Kai Choon

Mr. Kenji Kong Weng Keat
“Value creation is the centric of our businesses, the need to understand value is becoming more vibrant as connection with people, surrounding environment and technology changes is creating tensions in filling the gap for better value attainment.”

-Mr. Kenji Kong Weng Keat

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